Bankruptcy in Texas

Resources for filing bankruptcy in Texas

Welcome to the Bankruptcy in Texas page, your source for Texas-related bankruptcy resources and information.

Be aware that bankruptcy laws and requirements differ from state to state. If you are not a resident of Texas, please consult the bankruptcy resources for your state via the links on the left side of this page.

Texas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Resources and Links

Texas Bankruptcy Court - Texas Bankruptcy Courts are first divided into four districts and then further divided into numerous divisions. This page provides detailed contact information to assist you in determining where you would file.

Texas Bankruptcy Law - Provides overview of bankruptcy laws in Texas as well as common Texas bankruptcy exemptions.

Bankruptcy Attorney Texas - In case you don't want to go it alone, detailed resources and referral links assisting you in finding a Texas bankruptcy attorney. Includes resources and links for several major Texas cities.

Debt Management Credit Counseling Texas - All bankruptcy filers are required by law to receive pre-bankruptcy credit counseling as well as post-filing debtor education. Find approved Texas credit counseling providers and approved Texas debtor education agencies here.

Texas Bankruptcy Means Test - Do you qualify to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Texas? Review the Texas Bankruptcy Means Test requirements here.