"Paying Minimum Payments and Barely Surviving"

Getting Out of Debt Stories

My husband and I got engaged and married young. I was 19 he was 18. Both of us came from upper middle class so we were used to a certain standard of living. But what we didn't take in account how long and how hard it was for our parents to get to that point in their lives.

We both were barely making above minimum wage. I got a charge card to pay for our wedding rings, we got a charge card to pay for a washer and a dryer, we got a gas card, etc.

Before we knew it all we were doing was paying minimum payments and barely surviving.

Then my husband got laid off. We were living in Texas at the time and they are a no garnishment state. So we moved to Oklahoma where my parents lived and left all our bills behind.

Since neither one of us went to college the jobs we got in Oklahoma were again minimum wage. The bills accumulated again.

We eventually did get better jobs but we just spent more money. So we stayed in debt. It got so bad we decided to declare bankruptcy. It was such a relief to get out from under all that debt!

This world seems to be based that is more important to have a lot of nice things you can't afford rather than look for deeper for more fulfilling things like the love of friends and family. We fell victim to that for many, many years.

Now the only thing we owe is one car payment, a gas card, and a couple of credit cards for emergency. We paid for our house plus my husband's and my daughter's cars. If we want it we pay cash.

My husband can pay for all our bills on his own paycheck. My earnings are for "fun" things. We could get a better house or better cars but neither one of us wants to be in that much debt ever again.

Contributed by Crystal from Oklahoma

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