"Digging Ourselves Out of Our Mountain of Debt"

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My husband and I struggled with debt the first two years of our marriage. When we married, we both were only working part time and soon found out that I was pregnant. We turned to credit cards and loans to help up pay all our bills and buy things for the new baby.

Very soon, we were covered in debt, more than we knew what to do with. At first, we were just making the minimum payments, trying to keep from being sent to collections and really damaging our credit.

My husband opted to join the army, so after that we were much better off. We were able to make all of our payments, including our much higher living expenses near the army base.

We were still having trouble paying much more than our minimum payments though. As a New Year's resolution in 2011, my husband and I decided that we had to dig ourselves out of our mountain of debt.

We started by taking the money we would use to stop and get fast food, or buy something we didn't need, and immediately turn around and pay on one of our credit cards. It was amazing how much we were spending on senseless things, and after a few months, we had paid off some of our low-limit cards.

The next step was going through our house and selling off all kinds of things that we didn't need or want any more on Ebay and Craigslist. That brought in enough money to pay off another card after only a week or so.

When my husband received his rank-up raise, we pretended it didn't exist and instead, put it straight towards our loan every month. We never missed it because we never used it, but it helped up pay down our debt quite a bit faster.

Since then, we have paid off all but a credit union loan, our car payment, and our mortgage. Both of our credit scores have increased greatly. Now we're working towards paying off the last small loan, then our car.

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