"Don't Let Debt Stress Stop You"

Getting Out of Debt Stories

I came to Maryland from New York with the hopes of finding my calling my "thing" if you will. I've been out in Maryland for 3 years now and up until 1 year ago everything was so hard.

I have a beautiful son and of course I was a single mother, a fate shared by most young mothers.

I was living with my brother working dead end jobs a lot of retail jobs with no possible room for advancement. I realize now I went through a time where I needed a lot. I would suffer to make sure my son didn't show the burden of what I was going through.

I ran into a manager and I begin working at a high end retail establishment and I felt happy and loved the atmosphere. I was working steady hours and was able to do for me and my son. I even met a guy who ended up being my fiance!

Things looked up until busy time was over at the store. There were no hours. I panicked! I had just purchased a new car and I needed dental work done and I was back to 300 biweekly from 800 biweekly. What am I going to do? I thought over and over.

My fiance tried to help me but I wouldn't take it. Pride wouldn't let me.

A week later I stumbled across an ad on craigslist and I sent in my resume and luckily got the job making about 45,000 a year. From there I started paying off my dental work everything was finally what I needed and I was blessed.

The moral of my story is don't let debt stress or minor speed bumps stop you from where you need and want to be. You can turn any situation around. I know I did!

Contributed by Bri from Maryland

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