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At some point, everyone needs a little help or a second chance. If you're struggling with debt, bills, or creditors, there are debt relief solutions, options, and resources that might be perfect for your situation.

I'm including on this page, three important resouces/services for your consideration based on the level of severity of your personal situation (and please note that I do have an affiliate relationship with each of these resources).

These affiliate relationships make it possible for USA Bankruptcy Guide to remain a free bankruptcy information resource and to continue its mission (since 2006) of being a free, impartial, and nonjudgmental online resource to help guide struggling individuals, couples, and families through the personal bankruptcy maze.

Resource #1 - Find a Local Bankruptcy Attorney

Total Bankruptcy Attorney Network

Total Bankruptcy administers a network of participating local bankruptcy attorneys. Their full disclosure is listed below.

To begin the process of consulting with and selecting a local bankruptcy attorney via the Total Bankruptcy network, you have 3 convenient options:

  • Click on the banner ad above to be taken directly to the Total Bankruptcy site;
  • Call the toll free number 1-877-423-6903 to speak with an operator; OR
  • Complete and submit the convenient and secure evaluation form below

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Resource #2 - Debt Counseling and Resolution


DebtHelp101 Banner 9

If you have $10,0000 or more in credit card debt and aren't in such a dire situation that warrants filing bankruptcy, then the service DebtHelp101 provides may be worth considering.

DebtHelp101 matches consumers who have $10,000 or more of credit card debt, with counselors who will help them resolve their debt, possibly through debt settlement or debt renegotiation. The consultation is free.

Buried In Debt? We Can Help. Get A Free Consultation Now!

Resource #3 - Debt Repayment and Budgeting - Take Control of Your Money

If your situation isn't so dire as to warrant bankruptcy or debt settlement, might be the resource you need to get your budget and finances back on track. is an awesome resource, and it's completely free, too.

Mint brings all your financial accounts together online or on your mobile device, automatically categorizes your transactions, lets you set budgets and helps you achieve your savings goals.

Translation: you get easy and secure access to all aspects of your finances in real time which makes budgeting and reaching your financial goals simple to track.

Even if you do need professional help dealing with your debts, is still a good choice so that you and your financial professional can get a convenient and accurate snapshot of your financial situation, and you'll already have first rate budgeting and personal finance resources established for your post-bankrtuptcy or debt settlement future. - The Best FREE Way to Manage Your Money